Win A Bottle of Enemigo 00 Extra Añejo Tequila Worth £145

This summer will see the launch of the purest, low calorie cocktail in the world. Mineral 89 has been simply made with Tequila Enemigo, the new ultra-premium tequila that is leading the tequila revolution, mixed with mineral-rich sparkling water, and a dash of lime and is set to be the serve of summer 2018.

Sugar-filled and complex cocktails have long been required for tequila cocktails in London, until Tequila Enemigo’s ultra smooth luxury tequila recently launched. Designed to be sipped not shot, the talented team behind Tequila Enemigo have created a unique serve made up of the mineral infused spirit and sparkling mineral water with a dash of lime. This uniquely refreshing drink is only 120 calories, compared to a gin and tonic which is, on average, 220+ calories. Nutritionists advise drinking tequila instead of wine for its low calorie content and agavins which are said to lower triglycerides. The serve is also vegan so suited for all preferences and is made with entirely natural ingredients, so no contaminants or artificial sweeteners.

Despite the simplicity of the serve, the same precision that is used in the production of the 100% Blue Weber Agave spirit, is applied to the mixing of Mineral 89, with even the water used making a real difference.  50ml of Enemigo 89 is blended with 100ml of sparkling mineral water with a recommended calcium concentration of over 150mg/l and a magnesium concentration of over 50 mg/l, with ice cubes made from the same water and served with half a lime. The serve is finished with an iconic stainless steel re-usable straw chosen to promote sustainable consumption, and to ensure the purest drinking experience when served.

Mineral 89 Recipe

  • 50ml Tequila Enemigo 89 Añejo Cristalino
  • 100ml Sparkling Mineral Water
  • Touch of lime to taste

On creating Mineral 89, Max Davies-Gilbert, Tequila Enemigo Co-Founder said “This unbelievably refreshing simple serve represents the next step in breaking existing Tequila stereotypes. The idea that a Tequila can be served long with just sparkling mineral water is still draw dropping to some of the most well travelled London consumers, but as soon as people try it, everything makes sense, and their perception of Tequila instantly changes.”

Mineral 89 is being served at select bars and restaurants across London and Europe. Head to some of London’s finest including Annabel’s, Coral Room: Bloomsbury Hotel, Street XO, 5 Hertford Street, Mr. Fogg’s, Isabel and Bart’s to experience the new age of tequila.

Win a bottle of Tequila Enemigo 00 Extra Añejo worth £145

Enemigo is defined by its purity. Forget the dusty stereotypes, their distillery is immaculate. The process is clean, efficient and modern. They’ve taken key parts of traditional techniques and updated them using revolutionary technology to create the purest taste possible.

Designed to be sipped not shot, Tequila Enemigo 00 Extra Añejo is matured for over three years in American Oak barrels taking in the rich flavours and deep colours during the ageing process. The result is a perfectly balanced tequila with a diverse array of fruity & spicy flavours.

SLOAN! has teamed up with Tequila Enemigo to give one lucky reader a bottle of Tequila Enemigo 00 Extra Añejo worth £145. For your chance to win this fabulous prize, simply enter your details below:

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