SLOAN! has teamed up with GOPO® Joint Health to offer readers the chance to win one of three prizes of a 4-month supply of GOPO® Joint Health which contains high levels of the galactolipid compound GOPO® clinically proven to reduce joint pain by 64%.

Musculoskeletal experts and patient organisations warn that the burden of joint health problems is set to place an unprecedented strain on society and an already overstretched NHS.

Self-management and tailored prevention programmes can play a key role in the early intervention of joint health conditions, helping to reduce the burden on sufferers and society. Simple lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, can have a key impact on the long-term health of joints.

Consultant Rheumatologist Dr Rod Hughes comments; As a nation we tend to ignore our joints until they cause us problems resulting in an increasing number of people taking long-term analgesics to control the pain or needing surgery to repair knees and hips. Adding a clinically proven joint-specific supplement such as the galactolipid GOPO® to your diet has been shown to help protect and repair joints and should certainly be considered at the early onset of even mild joint pain.”

Laboratory studies into GOPO® have demonstrated that it can switch off certain genes responsible for producing proteins and enzymes that have been implicated in inflammatory joint destruction and switch on genes that help to produce collagen and cartilage, which are essential components of a healthy joint. This suggests that when taken long term, the galactolipid GOPO® may protect cartilage cells and help to rebuild joint tissues.

High levels of the galactolipid GOPO® are found only in GOPO® Joint Health which is also rich in vitamin C which is essential for normal collagen formation, needed by the body for health bones and cartilage. GOPO® Joint Health is available in Boots and independent chemists nationwide and is priced at £18.99 for 120 capsules and £28.49 for 200 capsules. Visit for further information.

To help get you on the road towards good joint health, SLOAN! has teamed up with GOPO® Joint Health to offer readers the chance to win one of three prizes of a 4-month supply of GOPO® Joint Health. Simply enter your details below to enter this amazing prize giveaway.

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