Wine Art

The first of its kind available on the UK consumer market, Wine Art from Eurocave preserves open bottles for up to 10 days thanks to an air extraction system. Preservation time is subject to how much oxygen has been dissolved in the wine prior to it being placed in the unit.

Wine Art-inSitu-BlackWhite-ECIn the unlikely event any air enters the open bottle; the Wine Art will remove it again. This means that you can finally have just a glass of your favourite Meursault or Cloudy Bay without worrying about having to waste the rest of the bottle (or having to drink it all!)

It is proven that the appropriate partial vacuum above the wine surface within an open bottle slows the reaction of the wine with oxygen. The problem with pumps and stoppers is that most people use too strong a vacuum (or not strong enough) and the vacuum only remains for a short time as the stoppers allow air to slowly leak back into the bottle.

Wine Art-WhiteTemp-RedExtract-ECEurocave recommend pouring the wine you want to drink into a small caraf to drink from and then immediately placing and leaving the open bottle in the Wine Art. Simply open the door and insert the open bottle up into the vacuum hood.

If the wine is not open, it is a perfect 2 bottle wine cooler. The vacuum will run for much longer before stopping if the wine is not open. After the initial vacuum sound, lasting 5 seconds, the unit runs extremely quietly.

Wine Art-inSitu-BlackSilver-ECTo bring your wine to the correct serving temperature, you can set either compartment for either red (16°C) or white (8°C) at the touch of a button and WineArt does the rest. It will not warm a very cool bottle of red up to serving temperature, it can only cool warm wine.

In order for open wine to taste its best, it should be preserved in the absence of oxygen and served at the correct temperature. You may set both sides for red, or both for white, or a combination.

Wine Art from Eurocave costs £299 and is available in Black & Silver or Black & White from the Eurocave showroom or online from

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