WONDERBOO, the creator of nutritionally-balanced and perfectly-styled canine meals, launched in the UK earlier this year and is has already made a name for itself in the emerging natural dog food market. Backed by global influencers and tastemakers, WONDERBOO is a Swedish-born brand that delivers quality, premium food for your dog with a healthy dose of Scandinavian chic.


WONDERBOO re-evaluates the look and feel of dog food, re-orientating it around a modern owner’s need for quality, healthy, products with a strong design hook. WONDERBOO is founded upon deep-rooted fashion and style sensibilities. Its entire ethos, from branding right down to packaging, is informed by a Scandinavian heritage of simple design that beautifully marries form and function. Each WONDERBOO meal comes in a chic, perfectly-formed, pastel box. The stylish packaging doubles as an on-the-go feeding bowl, which for ease and convenience can be delivered straight to your front door from digital emporium WONDERBOO.com. Furthering its fashion credentials, WONDERBOO has already produced a series of high-quality accessories, including leads and collars, and will continue to develop this area of their brand in forthcoming partnerships with celebrated designers.


WONDERBOO taps into a new generation of dog owners who want to take as good care of their dogs as they take of themselves. Founder and CEO Magnus Rosengren spoke to this fact: “For many years we have fed our canine friends food from the major dog food producers without questioning the contents. Dog owners’ awareness has now increased, and the same high demands we put on our own food is now placed on the food we feed our dogs. I want to help dog owners give their dogs the best conditions for a long and healthy life while making it convenient”. SLOAN! resident pooch Puppy Gizmo is just one of the many converts to tasty WONDERBOO Grain-Free in Swedish Ox. Check out just how much he loves it…

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Every WONDERBOO meal has been scientifically designed to give the best health benefits to your dog. WONDERBOO contains only natural Swedish ingredients, with meals featuring ox, boneless cod fillet, wholegrain barley, vitamins, minerals and rumen. Rumen is an all-natural protein and one of dog breeders’ best kept secrets. Fresh, unprocessed rumen (also known as green tripe) has a perfect pH (slightly acidic) for dogs, and contains plenty of good bacteria, enzymes and amino acids that help with digestion. It contains calcium and other essential minerals, as well as healthy fatty acids and Lactic Acid bacteria. All of this is gently air dried at 50°C for 48 hours in order to preserve the nutritional benefits of these great ingredients.


In WONDERBOO, there is no filler and no bulk, making it ideal for dogs at any stage of life. Puppy WONDERBOO contains extra calcium and phosphorus to help joints and bones grow, while the lighter Swedish Cod is perfect for helping a mature dog maintain a healthy weight. WONDERBOO Light is best for a dog that needs to slim down as it contains 80 percent lean rumen and is high in protein so your dog won’t go hungry.


WONDERBOO seeks to create a community of likeminded people, whenever you subscribe to WONDERBOO you become part of the WONDERBOO Club. This gives you access to members events where you can meet other owners and their pets. For WONDERBOO having a dog is not just a personal choice, it is a lifestyle that connects you to other dog owners.

This lifestyle is all about putting your dog first, giving them the best nutrition you possibly can, without ever compromising on elegance and design. In bringing these elements together, by creating nutritionally-balanced and perfectly-crafted canine meals, WONDERBOO ensures a healthy and stylish life for dogs and their owners.

To learn more about Wonderboo, visit wonderboo.com and follow them on Instagram @wonderboofood

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