XBody officially launched its Newave device in the UK earlier this year, building on the huge success experienced by the brand in 40+ countries worldwide and offering Personal Trainers and Health Club/Spa owners the option to intensively train clients for maximum results and revenue in a minimal space, requiring just 2m² of floor area in total.

SLOAN! Magazine tried the EMS full body workout as part of XBody’s Transform Me fitness concept offered exclusively by The LIBRARY private members club on St Martins Lane in London. This is available to both members and non-members. Although it felt odd at first, our reviewer soon threw himself into it and worked up quite a sweat in just 20 minutes of low impact high intensity EMS exercises. Even though he was left with sore muscles for a couple of days afterwards, our reviewer loved the workout for its efficient intense results and he definitely recommends it to those who are time poor, have injuries which prevent more traditional exercise or just those looking for something innovative and unique to shake up their fitness regime.

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The XBody Newave device is leading the field in whole body EMS in terms of innovation, functionality, education and information capture and provision. As well as a futuristic apple style design, with touch screen features and unrivalled tracking information via the XBody online system, the device has won numerous design awards including the 2014 FIBO award for its stylish appearance and usability.

XBody Newave device benefits include:

  • A recommended 20 minute workout session twice a week. This is equivalent to 6 hours of conventional training
  • Upward of 2,500 calories burnt from each session
  • No weights – low impact
  • The machine still allows someone to exercise with many injuries
  • No limitation with age (18+), range of motion, weight or size
  • Typical improvements are for 20%+ strength, 50%+ endurance increases over 8 weeks

XBody suits

The Electrode Suits that are used alongside the device offer the ultimate flexibility and functionality, being completely modular as the electrodes, the cables, the pant and vest parts are all individual components. Aesthetically and functionally the XBody suit works well with the majority of the cables inside the suit. The X Body is the only full body EMS suit that provides an option of shoulder pads for deltoid training.

EMS Training Support

XBody also provides an EMS Trainer Institute that is exclusive to XBody owners/practitioners, giving access to extensive training and ensuring
comprehensive and in depth training procedures for all involved with the technology to allow practitioners to get the most of the technology results wise.


XBody full body workout

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) whole body training results in a simultaneous deep activation of all major muscle groups in the body throughout the entire duration of the session. During a 20 minute EMS whole body workout there are approx. 150 times more muscle contractions than the equivalent conventional resistance training, equating to around 39,000 muscle contractions per strength/resistance training session. A typical 20 minute EMS whole body workout therefore equates to a comparable 90 minutes of traditional training and incorporates strength/resistance training, cardiovascular training, and recovery/lymphatic drainage.

XBody – ‘mind-muscle’ connection

Unlike conventional training where a conscious connection is required in order to effectively target and engage the required muscles throughout a specific movement, EMS training – without compromise, mimics the electrical message (action potential) naturally transmitted by the brain to the muscle via the central nervous system (CNS). With conventional training, these neurological pathways typically take upwards of 6-8 weeks to develop, with EMS training they can be opened in the very first session itself. Conventional training typically engages approx. 40% of the muscle during execution of a movement, EMS engages in excess of 90%. Combined, the accelerated benefits of EMS training result in higher energy demands on the body and accelerated calorie burn.

XBody – the ‘holy grail’ of muscle fibre

The body utilises a number of highly complex and efficient ‘fight or flight’ mechanisms. Muscles comprise Slow Twitch (Type I) and Fast Twitch (Type II) fibers. Henneman’s size principle states that under load, motor units are recruited in order from the smallest to largest on a ‘need to’ basis. In practice, this means that the slow-twitch, low-force, fatigue-resistant muscle fibers are activated before fast-twitch, high-force, less fatigue-resistant muscle fibers.

With EMS training the overall degree of activation of muscle fibers is far more extensive than conventional training resulting in significantly more recruitment of the more powerful type 2 muscle fibers resulting in significantly more lean muscle tissue development and an elevated metabolic rate.

The ability to target the explosive and powerful Type II fibers has captured the attention of the sports and athletic community to EMS training with sports celebs such as Karim Benzema and Usain Bolt incorporating EMS training within their traditional training modalities to elevate performance.

Calorific expenditure

There are two core types of EMS training both of which can help a client reduce weight and fat, though different mechanisms. During strength/resistance training effective weight and fat reduction is achieved by building lean muscle mass. Metabolic activity and demand is elevated throughout the EMS training session and for up to 48 hours following. Metabolism is elevated due to the increase in lean muscle mass and in conjunction with a healthy diet, weight and fat loss can be achieved reasonably and permanently. The other type of EMS training is aerobic/cellulite training, which enhances fat metabolism, lymphatic circulation, and digestion. Combined with dynamic and aerobic exercises prescribed in the training session it is a powerful way to achieve fat and weight loss.

The combination of the two trainings typically result in visible results after an average of 4 sessions.

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