Win 30 Doses of a Hangover Remedy That Really Works Worth £180

From office chatter to university tales, everyone has been advised on the best way to treat a hangover.  Be it downing pints of water, chowing down on cheesy chips, or the trusty hair of the dog, it seems generations of drinkers have come up with endless ways to cheat the system, but do any of them really work? For many the placebo is enough, but what if there really was a great product which saved you from the nightmarish wrath of the unwanted hangover?

As the weather warms up, we will all fall back into those merry old habits of summer. Whether heading down to the beach for a Pimm’s, uptown for a scrumpy cider or venturing off to a festival in the sunshine with friends, one thing is for certain, there is always a hangover round the corner. The medical term for this self-induced hell is veisalgia, a word derived from the Norwegian word kveis, which means uneasiness following debauchery.

Now, here at SLOAN! we do not condone full-hearted debauchery, recommending and actively encouraging our readers to drink responsibly, but we also know many of you are sick and tired of always being sick and tired after a good night out.  For this reason, we’ve teamed up with Yeti and the Fox and their team of clever scientists to offer you a chance to delve into the mysterious world of the prophesied hangover remedy and discover one that really works.

So how does Yeti and the Fox work we hear you ask? The science is complicated, but the result is simple. When drinkers take Yeti and the Fox it helps their bodies to break down the toxins in alcohol that make them feel awful the next day. This means they can wake up feeling their old self, free of the ‘uneasiness’ of a hangover.

The magic inside Yeti and The Fox is glutathione which is the body’s master antioxidant and forms a critical part of the detoxification process, primarily stored in the liver. Glutathione also plays a significant role in energy metabolism, promoting optimum health and increasing energy.

To get the best out of Yeti and The Fox, it is recommended that drinkers take two capsules with water before or at the start of drinking alcohol. Then, once you are back home, you take one more, with some water, before heading to bed. This will help you top up your Glutathione levels preventing you from waking up weary headed, ready for a day in the office, a best friend’s wedding or another day of music-fuelled escapism at a festival.

SLOAN! has teamed up with Yeti and the Fox to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a hangover-free month (or more) with a 30 day supply of this amazing product.

This competition has now ended.

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