YOSO PRO is a brand new innovative approach to supercharging your skincare regime enabling you to achieve beautiful skin in a flash with the latest concept in electrical devices by enhancing your existing skincare routine. We don’t all have time to treat our skin to a facial regularly but with the YOSO PRO you can get an effective deep cleansing treatment every day to ensure you have the cleanest and freshest skin possible.

YOSO PRO is a professional beauty at-home device. Through ground-breaking Japanese technology, positive and negative charged ions help to pull out impurities through the Cleanse function, whilst Boost and Moisturise push in maximum hydration and restore balance.

YOSO PRO (PRODUCT FRONT 2) HRThe YOSO PRO is a device to supercharge your skin without changing the skincare products you use and love to enhance the maximum benefits of your favourite beauty brands.

By maintaining contact with a real metal plate and your skin, the YOSO PRO works together with your body’s natural ions  by harnessing the positively or negatively charged particles to thoroughly cleanse, moisturise and rejuvenate your skin.
The YOSO PRO uses positively charged electrodes to draw the negatively charged dirt from deep within your pores to ensure the clean the skin possible. During the Moisturise mode the power of negatively charged electrodes enables far greater levels of absorption from your regular moisturiser or serum resulting in beautifully smoother hydrated skin. Using fine vibrations and the gentle switching of electrodes the Boost mode further enhances moisture absorption and retention for a naturally radiant glow.

Unlike any other device, the smooth non-abrasive titanium head is super gentle on your skin and suitable for all skin types.

YOSO PRO has a choice of 3 different intensity level settings enabling you to create a bespoke regime every time.

Simply follow this effective three-step process for beautiful skin…

Step 1 – Cleanse

After removing your makeup apply a small amount of your regular cleanser to the cotton pad on the head on the device. The natural power of ionic technology removes fine dirt trapped deep in your pores.

Step 2 – Moisture

Spread your regular moisturising product evenly over the titanium metal head of the device then use directly onto your skin. The moisture will absorb and penetrate deep into the skin for maximum moisture and health.

Step 3 – Boost

Apply your moisturiser or mask to your whole face then use the device directly on top. This boosts extra moisture with the use of fine vibrations and gentle rotation.

YOSO PRO (RRP £149.99) is available exclusively from FeelUnique.com







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  • Quality Japanese Product
  • Powerful Ionic Skincare Technology
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