The British way of life is the most boring in northern Europe!

One of the fun things about working in the media is the press releases that I get to see on a daily basis. I love the statistics that we get bombarded with every day. As I always say it is a matter of perspective, one person’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that. So this week in my inbox was the title – “The British way of life is the most boring in northern Europe”  So there am I thinking – what no sparkly disco twinkly lights on our flag showing we are the happiest nation in the kingdom!

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The study was conducted by a casino company and the participants encompassed Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and the UK. The result was 28 million Brits think their lives are boring. The way I see it – that is 28 million potential customers! That get’s a big thumbs up from me.

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None of my clients would say their life is boring because they learn early on constantly progressing forward is one of the keys to happiness. It doesn’t matter what you are moving towards but you have to be moving towards something not living your life moving away from the opposite. It seems to me like 28 million people might have the wrong perspective on boredom. What is boredom? How with so much technology can we be bored? Or perhaps that is exactly the point, perhaps technology is taking us away from love, connection even significance and is moving our focus on to less productive tasks.

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The study goes on to reveal that half of Brits look at their emails and four out of ten play on their mobiles or check social media in a bid to kill time – just one in six exercises. Don’t get me wrong I love the odd game of Candy Crush as much as the next person but does it inspire me to make the most of my life – probably not. However taking puppy Gizmo to the park is always a joy.  Who cannot love puppies?! If the next pictures doesn’t make you smile then turn off your computer now!

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Compared to their Nordic neighbours, Brits lead the least exciting lives by far – just 36 per cent of UK adults find their lives exciting, as opposed to 47 per cent of Swedes, 54 per cent of Norwegians and 58 per cent of Danes. It gets seemingly worse – perhaps surprisingly, residents of bigger UK cities are more fed up with life than those hailing from smaller towns and villages. Just three out of ten residents of Britain’s biggest cities thinks their lives are exciting, compared to nearly half of inhabitants of towns and villages across the country. Just stopping to think on that for a moment – London as a boring town.  Not withstanding the history, the food, the tourist attractions, the people, the coffee shops, bakeries and fabulous boroughs of London, who could be bored with all the shopping galore.

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The good news for us females only fifty percent of women are bored with life but two out of three British men ticked yes to boredom. There you go that must be the shopping factoring in there!

Seriously though, it is a shame to hear that we are a nation that is assumed by a small study to be bored, boring or contemplating boredom but as with all statistics you can choose to believe what you like. I love our country and London which is my home city. I have yet to be bored after a good few decades here in the UK, and although I love the variety of travelling abroad this will always be my home, an entertaining one at that.

I can see why a casino company conducted this research but I bet even they were surprised at the results. For those interested in the more details on the results, the research was conducted by Fieldwork by Mindshare for Maria Casino. I did not include the statistics in the magazine but thought an interesting point for you all to ponder and hopefully inspire you to shift your perspective, get up and do something that makes you happy at least one day this week if not every day!


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