Imbibery London states: “Imbibery London’s approach to juice goes beyond the raw fruits and vegetables you consume. It’s a way of life. Imbibe, and in return your body will absorb all the vitamins, nutrients, and enzymes packed into each and every bottle. Imbibing is holistic: open your mind and soul – learn new things, meet new people, go on new adventures. How do you Imbibe? Courageously? In style? On the go? Drenched in sweat? Imbibery makes it easy to Jet and Reset. To Sweat and Re-jet.”

“Imbibery London’s mission is to make juice work for you. Imbibery believes its juice will consume you entirely—it’s the Intoxicating Detox, after all. Imbibery will do whatever it can to make sure you are able to incorporate raw, unpasteurised, cold-pressed juice into your everyday life. Imbibers live life to the fullest and healthiest. They Jet and Reset. Imbibery has several options for how you can Imbibe. You can cleanse, receive a daily Mix Pack, or pick up an Imbibery London juice at various stockists.”

“Imbibery’s juices can have up to three kilos of produce. Imagine all the nutrients packed into just one bottle. It is so difficult to consume all the vegetables and fruits in the course of a day to give your body all the goodness it requires. That’s why we strive to make it as easy as possible for you to get an Imbibery juice and why it’s so important to integrate it into your daily routine. We always say it’s important the juice works for you, you shouldn’t have to work for the juice. Not only do our different juices have different properties, which can help achieve different goals, but they also vary to appeal to different taste buds. Even if you don’t do anything differently in your life, add a juice and you’re doing yourself a huge service. You can pop into one of our stockists to get a juice, or, create your own mix pack and order as few as four large bottles or six small ones online to be delivered fresh to your home, office, or hotel room.”

We tried three Imbibery products: Cashew Mylk, Green Juice and Hot Shot.

Cashew Mylk is made from cashew, water, cinnamon and date. It had the earthy warmth from the cinnamon combined with milky nuttiness from the cashews. This was our least favourite as the texture of this one felt rather grainy on the palate.

Hot Shot is a small shot of ginger, lemon juice and cayenne pepper which is fiery and stimulating. We thought it makes a real kickstarter to begin the day’s detox, however the powerful flavours means that it is an acquired taste but we are sure it does a lot of good.

Our favourite by far was Green Juice. This is made from raw fresh spinach, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon. It was very refreshing and had a pleasant taste. One can imagine easily integrating this juice into everyday life after a period of detoxing.

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