Puressential Rest and Relax Spray

We are all far too stressed these days and so many of us have trouble getting to sleep at night….mainly because we are physically underactive and mentally overactive. We lead stressful lives juggling careers, family and outside interests and then our bedrooms are now full of phones, laptops and tablets, TV’s and other mental stimuli that prevent us from relaxing naturally and winding down so we fall asleep easily.

If we don’t sleep deeply and undisturbed, our bodies don’t recover, regenerate and rejuvenate themselves overnight and our immune systems don’t function properly. In addition, lack of proper restorative sleep affects the way we function the following day in terms of concentration and we don’t look or act bright and alert. Lack of sleep can also affect our appetite and weight, and makes us more stressed….which means we don’t sleep well the following night. Truly a vicious circle.

The Puressentiel range of Rest & Relax products offer support to help you chill out, de-stress and sleep serenely and peacefully.


Puressentiel products use nature’s natural essential oils which soothe, relax and calm you, whether you want to de-stress during the day, or wind down to ready yourself to sleep at night. They contain no dyes, preservatives or synthetic perfumes.

The Rest & Relax Air Spray contains twelve 100% natural, essential oils, proven for their benefits in helping to relax and rest, soothing everyday stress and helping our body systems unwind and prepare for sleep. It works gradually and has no additive effect such as sleeping pills. The product is also ideal for any activities involving relaxation such as yoga or meditation. A simple spray in the four corners of the room or bedroom is all it takes…or spritz on a tissue and leave it on your bedside table and the wonderful aromatherapeutic effect will calm the most frantic and frenetic minds.

The Baby Relax Balm with five 100% natural essential oils will help soothe fractious babies, totally naturally and harmlessly, truly a godsend for fraught parents. All it takes is a gentle massage on your baby’s body with a small amount of balm, a couple of times a week, and your baby will relax and sleep more easily.

Isabelle Pacchioni, who co-founded Laboratoire Puressentiel® with her husband Marco Pacchioni in 2005, said: “There is a common misconception that plant-based medicines are ineffective, yet people have been using naturally-derived ingredients for thousands of years to address everyday health concerns. What people don’t realise is that many modern medicines, such as aspirin and penicillin, are derived from plants or fungi. The Puressentiel range has been developed in collaboration with doctors and pharmacists, with a focus on blending highly effective, naturally active ingredients to create safe, clinically proven products that are suitable for the whole family. Puressentiel has a vision for more natural, effective everyday healthcare and we are delighted our product range is now available in the UK.”

Puressentiel products are available from Boots and other good retailers and pharmacies nationwide. The Rest & Relax products are £16.99 each.

Puressential Rest and Relax Spray






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  • 100% natural ingredients
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