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Magimix Cook Expert

Ever dreamt of having your very own personal sous-chef to lend a hand now and then in the kitchen? The Magimix Cook Expert has been developed to be a helpful kitchen companion that gets on with the chopping, slicing, stirring and cooking, so you can get on with being the culinary sensation you always wanted to be.

For beginners and aspiring chefs, the Cook Expert is a multifunctional cooking food processor which has been designed to take on numerous tasks in the kitchen effortlessly. Simple lunches can be whipped up in, minutes, whilst speedy suppers are created at the touch of a button. It will take the stress out of show-stopping dinner party dishes or simple one pots. The Cook Expert will multi-task, giving you the confidence to whip up a soufflé, create a sorbet or dip your toe into sous-vide.

Drawing on 55 years of kitchen know-how, trusted brand Magimix have designed the sturdy yet stylish Cook Expert – an appliance which combines the functions of over 12 different kitchen machines into one. The Cook Expert brings together the functionality of Magimix’s award-winning food processor loved by many, alongside the cooking capability of a smart induction heating system and the versatile, large capacity, insulated metal bowl.

With 13 automatic programmes and a manual Expert programme, the Cook Expert enables home cooks to create thousands of dishes from starters to desserts at the touch of a button. These include slow-cooking, sauce-making, steaming, soup-making, blending and stir-frying. In no time at all, the Cook Expert will knead dough, prove bread, mix cakes, melt chocolate, steam buns, create sorbets, whip up meringues, crush ice for cocktails, produce jams, chutneys, preserves and the list goes on… And when all that is done, it will rinse itself with the auto rinse programme for speedy cleaning.

Saving space in even the smallest of kitchens, the Cook Expert brings together a range of functions and roles, streamlining your appliances and reducing clutter. It will replace your food processor, stand mixer, soup-maker, egg cooker, smoothie maker, bread-maker, sous-vide machine, yoghurt maker, slow cooker, and much more.

Benefits You’ll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without

Get adventurous: The Cook Expert makes more complicated dishes easy as well as taking the guesswork out of cooking.

Variety: Spice up your weekly menu with access to hundreds of recipes, from starters to desserts, via the specially created book and app.

Family friendly: The machine’s safety features enable the family to cook together and get everyone involved in making dishes.

Reduce food waste: Use up leftover ingredients and reduce the need for packaged products by making your own.

Healthy: Easy to prepare homemade food. Make dishes from scratch with fresh ingredients and replace processed foods.

Good investment: Everyday essentials can be made affordably – homemade bread, condiments, baby foods – all helping the monthly budget. A long-lasting product with a 30-year motor guarantee.

Free up time: With an extra ‘pair of hands’ in the kitchen you can conjure up hundreds of recipes within 15 minutes of prep time, giving you time to focus on other things.

This is what celebrity life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams had to say about her experience using the Magimix Cook Expert…

When I try a product like this for the first time I put it through its paces by choosing one of my favourite meals and seeing if it can make a dish that’s not been quite perfected by another similar product on the market. My choice was risotto.

I have used a different machine that did a similar function but when it came to risotto I was always straight back to my hob, doing it the old fashioned way. Standing over a risotto stirring continuously for 20 minutes is not conducive to getting things done, and so I have been searching for a product that would be up to the challenge. Magimix assured me it could and would surprise me but did it?

The simple answer is yes, but it truly exceeded my expectations. It was ridiculously simple to make and not a mushy grain of rice in sight. The trick is getting the measurements of water to rice just right and replacing the usual blade with a dough hook, but apart from that, the complexity is up to you as to what oils you choose and which grain of rice to make your risotto the perfect combination of al dente and comforting. Your toughest thought will be “do you add wine before the stock or go teetotal”. Then it’s the jewel of the risotto the star of the show, the key ingredients. For me I choose seafood but there are so many choices, and Magimix can handle them all.

And it doesn’t just make risottos.

It also makes amazing smoothies…

And the perfect pizza dough, leaving you to choose your favourite toppings…

Fantastically fresh pasta sauces are also a firm favourite here at SLOAN!

The Magimix Cook Expert takes the hard work out of cooking allowing you to be as creative as you want.

The hidden gems that Magimix have really got right are:

  • 30 year motor warranty and a 30 year availability of all attachments
  • separating the scales to improve accuracy and longevity
  • a powerful rinse cycle that does much of the cleaning for you
  • creating a fabulous spatula that can be detached from its silicone making cleaning super easy if like me you are cooking stickier items like rice. The bowl is resistant to scratching so scrape away.
  • a generously sized bowl of 3.5l which not only provides larger portions or allows you to invite more friends and family round for dinner to connect and bond over your delicious creations.

I originally thought the flaw I would be mentioning here is that the recipes are not within the machine but accessible via an app, but that actually has not made any difference to me at all. It’s easy to get your phone, tablet or old fashioned cookbook out and follow a recipe and I am very much looking forward to when they allow us to upload our own recipes to their app.

The only thing I would change is to be told that certain things prepare better with a dough hook because risotto is one of them. Had I not known this before I started cooking with my Magimix I could easily have missed out on my perfect risotto. Should it be included as standard, not necessarily but it should definitely be highlighted more as a key piece to bakers and risotto makers!

Magimix Cook Expert is £1,195 available in Satin (silver), Black or Red from

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