How to Step up Your Sales Calls

Business coach Richard Fletcher shares top tips on how to take your sales calls to the next level

When salespeople think ‘I want to amp up my conversion rate’ they tend to focus on the wrong things. If this is you, you might be wondering if you’ve structured your pitch correctly or you’ve got the wrong script. More often than not it’s all about fostering the right atmosphere.

What You Do Before a Sales Call Matters

The first thing sellers should be looking at is what they’ve been doing before the call. The energy and beliefs you turn onto the call matter, and they’re going to directly affect its outcome. Jumping onto a call with extreme nerves and self-doubt will translate to a poor pitch, almost like you’re giving your prospect bad news instead of an opportunity!

Often the sceptics ask, ‘Surely that sort of thing can’t matter?’ but people are more perceptive than we realise. You can usually tell if someone is smiling when you’re on the phone to them, so your prospects will be able to sense your attitude whether they can see your face or not.

Of course, it’s OK to be nervous but it’s not OK to let that dictate the situation. My best piece of advice is to have a pre-call ritual, even if that call is over a messenger. Some clients I’ve spoken to will throw on some music and dance around their kitchen, some will look themselves in the mirror and deliver a mini pep talk. Find what works for you and make sure you stick to it because it can massively change up how you sell.

Stop Prodding the Pain Points

Pretty much every sales coach these days insists, ‘People don’t buy if they aren’t in pain! You have to make them feel the pain!’ Sometimes it can be productive to push, but pain prodding is massively overrated.

Operating from a negative space and fear-led pitches run a big risk. You can make your prospect feel so bad that they sign up today. But what happens tomorrow when they wake up, not feeling so bad? Buyer’s remorse! Try turning a negative strategy on its head and provide something that is aspirational and positive – this will make for a much more satisfying offering in the long run.

Work Smarter, Not Louder

You may feel that selling can sometimes be like a shouting competition and that whoever has the loudest voice gets the sale. This is similar to when I was a dating coach and the guys I taught would say, ‘I can’t meet anyone without being the loudest most obnoxious alpha male in the bar!’

A fact that never really surprises me is that 60% of people are introverted. So this means a lot of you sellers looking to stand out from the fray will fall into this category. Try using the fact that you may be naturally more empathetic and better at these one-on-one sales calls to really understand your prospect’s motivations and needs.

This approach of setting up a better call environment will help you earn their respect and confidence, while making the path to asking any difficult questions just a bit easier!

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About the expert

Richard Fletcher is an up-beat, down to earth coach, who helps people make more money without spending a lot of money. When Richard claims to make his clients richer, he isn’t joking or talking about small sums here and there. It’s not unusual for Richard’s clients to make between 10K and 20K in a couple of weeks, by implementing Richard’s tailored plans and advice. Richard’s favourite success story is the wedding photographer that was able to up their prices from £1500 to £15000 within one day – and get clients happy to pay a premium for their services.

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