mega888 Improve Your Health, Wealth & Relationships With Energy Alignment Method

Improve Your Health, Wealth & Relationships With Energy Alignment Method

By Yvette Taylor, founder of The Energy Alignment Method.

You may have heard of FLOW or alignment and perhaps thought it was just a spiritual concept. Yet flow is a physiologically measurable energetic state which influences all aspects of life. Being in the flow state can change everything about our day to day life.

Most people are living out of the flow. We commonly call it ‘STRESS’, which affects over 78% of people every day! However, this last year has taken its toll. As a result, more people are turning to practical tools like EAM to manage the impact on our mental, emotional, physical health and well-being by managing their flow state.

Stress impacts us in many ways if we leave it unchecked and these affect key areas of our life like health, wealth and relationships. We take it out on everyone and everything else around us instead of resolving the issues. It can look like:

Staying in painful, unstable relationships; creating arguments; picking at one another, feeling unworthy or not good enough

  • Physical pain or tiredness; any ill health
  • Chronic debt
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed, guilt; depression; anger blame; shame; jealousy; stress or anxiety

The aim is to release the tension and get ourselves back into flow. The flow state can help in the following ways:

  • To communicate from a more loving place, think more clearly, show compassion, feel calm happiness and love.
  • The body moves into the healing phase allowing healing and improved immunity.
  • We allow more wealth, opportunities and success to flow into our lives.
Yvette Taylor is the founder of The Energy Alignment Method

What Is the Energy Alignment Method?

The grounding concept of The Energy Alignment Method® – EAM, is that ‘Everything Is Energy’. EAM is an accredited modality that bridges science & spirituality, grounded in 20+ years of teaching energy medicine.

EAM is a quick, simple transformational 5 step self-help technique you can use to release resistant or negative energy, thoughts and emotions. We then reprogram ourselves to create a flow state around anything we face in life, like health, wealth and relationships.

There is more to EAM – here’s a simple insight into the 5 STEPS:

  • Step 1 – You Ask – Tap into our subconscious to ask a question
  • Step 2 – You Move – Your energy field will respond
  • Step 3 – You Experience – Get clear how it affects your energy
  • Step 4 – You Transform – Release what stands in your way
  • Step 5 – You Manifest – Create a new thought, belief, pattern, emotion or experience

Using EAM, we see HUGE shifts in all areas of our life:

  • It feels like you have reset everything in your energy; you feel clear and light
  • You have better mental and emotional bounce back in situations
  • You become more adaptive to change, find life easier to manage
  • You are better able to deal with traumatic events, mentally, physically & emotionally

And this is to name just a few!

So, if you’re ready to change your life, we MUST live in a place of flow. It is the BEST gift you can give yourself to change your health, wealth, happiness and love. The truth has always been that you can create anything you want in life – just step into the flow state.

About the expert

Yvette Taylor is the founder of The Energy Alignment Method her book by the same name is out now (Welbeck Balance, £14.99).

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