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How to Change Your Life Circumstances at Will

William Michael Forbes, spiritual medium and intuitive life coach, discusses how to change your life circumstances by working from the inside.

When we set out to change our lives, we often focus on the external factors, seeing them as most influential to our wellbeing and life circumstances. A new job or a new home with fresh social and romantic prospects may seem like they’ll change our lives, but this often isn’t the reality. In fact, these are often merely the peripheral aspects of who we are. As a result, changing our lives from the outside does not tend to produce a positive long-term effect on our inner selves, because such changes are, in reality, temporary.

Enacting significant change begins not by shaping the universe around you, but by learning to develop and strengthen your inner character and values, which are always within you influencing the outcomes in your life. Here’s how you can start to enrich your life in the long-term by working from the inside.

Understand Your Feelings

You might think that external factors have great sway over your mood and therefore that altering then will change what’s inside, right? This is partially true. Your emotions may often feel like a powerful tempest that are difficult to control – but, you are not your feelings. You are, in fact, the awareness perceiving the feelings, and your emotions are the true source and mainspring of all your actions and personal power.

So rather than trying to change how you feel from the outside, you can practice altering your emotions by changing what you are focusing your attention upon and modify how you use your body, thereby altering the mood and state you are feeling. This in turn can give you the capability to influence the outcome of events and situations that unfold around you. A similar relationship exists between you and your thoughts in that, when you learn to consciously choose your thoughts, you can deliberately create the needed emotional resources to produce desired changes in your life.

Manage Your Feelings

Once you discover that the secret to managing your thoughts and emotions is based upon what you give your attention to, you can learn to engage your innate power to create the life of your dreams. Your emotions are wholly dependent on two primary aspects of your personality over which you have direct and immediate control: your body and your thoughts. These two, deliberately and consciously managed by you, can make you unstoppable, even in the face of intense adversity. Specific body postures will support and sustain specific emotions, as also will the deliberate selection of thoughts you choose to think. Managing both your body and your mind may take some practice, but once mastered you can learn create any emotional state you need and accomplish almost any task.

Cultivate a State of Calm

A perfect example of how your body and mind can work together to produce emotional changes can be found in breathing work. The simple act of you taking a slow and deep breath will immediately begin to produce chemical changes in your brain and body. As you breathe slowly and deliberately, you direct the muscles to relax automatically. As muscle begins to relax, your thoughts will begin to move more slowly, and the mind will gradually grow quieter and more peaceful. This is a great exercise to try whenever you need to clear your head and it will help you to start making positive life changes.

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About the expert

Well-respected spiritual medium and intuitive life coach, William Michael Forbes, has been coaching people for over 30 years. He uses this insight to help guide people with their inquiries and help them develop their own abilities to connect with the non-physical world. William is also an author and his book, How to Kill Suicide (With Reason to Live), is an accessible and uplifting self-help booklet that helps people to deal with suicidal thoughts and feelings.

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