Celebrate St Patrick’s Day with Crosstown Doughnuts

The Guinness & Baileys doughnut is returning to the Crosstown line-up for St. Patrick’s Day, alongside a limited edition gift box.

Guinness & Baileys – Crafted with Baileys Irish cream chocolate ganache, filled between two fluffy layers of chocolate Guinness cake doughnut. The doughnut is hand-dipped in
Guinness icing and finished with Crosstown’s chocolate soil, creating a punchy flavour worthy of the St. Patrick’s Day traditions.

Individual flavours (£4.50) will be available in-store, for collection, and on-demand delivery from the 1st March.

St. Patrick’s Day boxes

St. Patrick’s Day six-pack (£25.95) – Including six Guinness & Baileys doughnuts

St. Patrick’s Day twelve-pack (£44.95) – Features six handcrafted Guinness & Baileys doughnuts + six Tongan Vanilla Bean Glaze doughnuts

St. Patrick’s Day gift box (£32.95) – Including a pack of six Guinness & Baileys Chocolate Cake doughnuts + four cans of Guinness + a bar of Baileys truffle chocolate.

Each of the St. Patrick’s Day boxes are available to pre-order from the 16th March for delivery across England, Wales, and lowland Scotland, between 1st – 20th March.

Adam Wills, Co-founder of Crosstown says, ‘The Guinness & Baileys doughnut made its debut for St. Patrick’s Day in 2019, since the launch its momentum has grown, quickly becoming one of our most popular flavours that Crosstown fans look forward to every year. We’re excited to see the flavour return for 2022, as well as see this much-loved day return to the streets of London (and all over the globe) after celebrating virtually for the last two years.’

To order, please visit www.crosstown.co.uk/st-patricks-day-in-london

Equally as delicious as the Guinness & Baileys doughnut and an interesting take on things that are green like the shamrock of Ireland, we also recommend that you try Crosstown’s Pistachio Scroll (£4.50) during the month of March as a different way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. It also happens to be vegan!

The Pistachio Scroll sees Crosstown’s black and white vegan doughs rolled into a spiral scroll before being filled with a luscious pistachio custard. Each scroll is then hand-dipped into a pistachio glaze and finished with the finest pistachio nibs.⁠

The Pistachio Scroll is available until the 29th March. To order, please visit www.crosstown.co.uk/project/pistachio-scroll-ve

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