mega888 In Conversation With Jenni Falconer

In Conversation With Jenni Falconer

TV presenter, broadcaster & Running Podcast host Jenni Falconer chats to SLOAN! about health, fitness & wellbeing.

What made you decide to create your own brand of liquid collagen supplement and what makes Kollo different from other liquid collagen supplements out there?

I love running, always have and ever since I trained for my first marathon in 2009, I have been aware of the health benefits of taking a collagen supplement to support my joints, bones and cartilage and to help recovery after exercise. Over the years, I also noticed that there were more benefits to taking collagen as a supplement – for instance my skin quality improved, my acne went and makeup artists even started commenting on how radiant my skin was.

I decided to launch my own brand as I wanted to create one that was liquid collagen which is more readily absorbed, I also wanted a marine collagen supplement as I don’t eat red meat and I know that marine is a better quality compared to bovine. It was also imperative to have a supplement that tasted good – I wanted to create a brand that was tasty, and something that you looked forward to as opposed to dread…and that is why Kollo was born. We are different as we also have 10g of liquid marine collagen, a mix of great vitamins and we are informed sport certified, so pro athletes can take it safely in the knowledge that there are no banned or contaminated substances, which also gives reassurance to all our customers.

What are your 5 daily healthy habits?

Well of course, I take Kollo every day – it is part of my daily routine…

I start my day very early, I host breakfast radio every morning and so my alarm goes at 4am, but I do love being an early riser as I get to see the best time of day – in the summer months, I see the sunrise most mornings, it is very special and makes me feel positive at the start of every day.

I love exercise and run most days – which not only makes me feel great but also puts colour in my cheeks and gives me time to myself…it is my meditation time and also keeps me feeling fit, healthy and gets me active.

For me it is also important to wash my face every morning and evening, I use good quality products to make sure my skin is cleansed and moisturised – and I like to make sure my whole body is moisturised. You get one skin, and it is on show every day, so I like to look after it as best I can.

And finally, I try to drink at least a litre of water a day – often it is more but I carry around a bottle with me most of the time and make sure I am constantly sipping from it. I usually drink a litre whilst I am on air on Smooth every morning, and then try to continue topping up the rest of the day.

What are your top three values and how do they help you live a healthy lifestyle?

Top 3 values – Smile, look for the positive and be as active as possible…

I think it is so important to have that glass half full attitude and looking for the positive – it can really give you a boost and it is amazing how much more confident you will feel when you are feeling good. Laughing and being happy is key too to keeping healthy, and your entire face and outlook changes simply by smiling…your smile is contagious and simply by smiling at someone else, the chances are thy will smile back…and so the cycle continues. Smiling releases endorphins which relieves stress, elevates your mood and also gives you a boost which in turn makes you feel more positive and contributes to that glass half full attitude.

Finally exercise and being active is key for health, happiness and a positive outlook – for me, I particularly love running and playing golf, both get me outside in the fresh air, put colour in my cheeks, helps me sleep better, boosts my confidence, improves my mood, ironically energises me, de-stresses me, helps my overall physical and mental health and ultimately gives me that mass release of endorphins which gives the best boost putting me in a great mood.

What was the catalyst that occurred to encourage you into a healthy lifestyle?

I have always been someone who is into health and fitness, it is part and parcel of who I am…I love the way I feel when I am active and for as long as I can remember I have tried different sports and activities. When I started working, when I was 19, I was away from home a great deal and also trying to juggle full-time work with university studies and that is when I started running as it was something that I could work into my schedule. My passion for running and exercise is what led me to taking a collagen supplement and that in turn took me down a path which resulted in my developing my own brand to encourage more people to enjoy the benefits too.

What advice do you have for people who find their Health & Wellbeing overwhelming?

It truly doesn’t have to be overwhelming, simple steps can reap great rewards. I appreciate that we are all short on time, which is why I run my commute as it often is the only ‘free opportunity’ i have in my day to do something for me, so instead of taking the train, I get my running kit on and run. So whatever works for you, you just need to make small changes, get outside more, be more active and schedule your week to accommodate these activities. They may seem like luxuries that are not a priority but soon you will notice that your outlook is different, you will feel better, your mental and physical health and wellbeing will naturally improve and you will be glad you made the changes, however small they are. What’s more, small changes like these can soon become new good habits.

If you could tell your younger self the Rules to the Game of Life, what would you say?

I would say don’t sweat the small stuff so much – enjoy life, treat mistakes as lessons to be learnt and know that everything happens for a reason…what sometimes feels like a knock could in fact be the key to opening another door and giving you a new opportunity. Try things, don’t be scared to challenge yourself and enjoy having stories to tell based on your experiences, whether they be good or bad, success or failure.

If you could have a day of being totally unhealthy without consequences, what would you incorporate into that day?

Pizza, cake and a couple of glasses of champagne… but really for it to be the ultimate dream day which makes me happiest, I would much rather start the morning with a run, then play a round of golf, then hang with the family having pizza, cake and a glass or two of champagne!

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