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Fancy Crab

Located in Marylebone, Fancy Crab has a menu built around one very extraordinary ingredient – the Red King Crab  –  and is one of the only restaurants in London to offer the remarkable Red King Crab. No wonder the restaurant was awarded Winner of the 2018 ‘Best Designed Casual Dining Restaurant’.

A true treasure of the Northern seas. The Red King Crab melts in your mouth, the soft, delicious meat harvested from the depths of the ocean. Fancy Crab has harvested crab since 1993 working with their own in-house specialist team of fishermen.

The crab season is short, just three months long from September through December. And for three days the brave fisherman crew sail, deep into the harshest swells kicked up by the desolate Far North, to seek it. This is the unforgiving lair of the Red King Crab – the world’s biggest and most famous crab – and it is the gauntlet tackled by Fancy Crab to bring you the unbridled joy of one of our planet’s most sublime seafood dishes.

Fancy Crab preserves every ounce of the Red King Crab’s taste using unique technology so that, from the depths of that perilous ocean to those of your satisfied belly, the fullness of its delicacy is kept. Their crab is never farmed and all Fancy Crab’s recipes use seafood carrying the blue MSC label so you know your crab is both delicious and fully sustainable.

The Red King Crab is a luxurious, unique delight and Fancy Crab’s menu is a treasure for every fresh seafood connoisseur. The Red King Crab is not the only thing served; you can also treat yourself to oysters, octopus, fish or shellfish. All with imaginative and tasty sides, designed to complement each dish in its own way.

Born in Brazil and brought in France, Head Chef Lucas Rangel da Cunha cut his teeth at Gordon Ramsey’s three Michelin Star restaurants, followed by a period studying culinary arts at Relais & Chateaux in France. Chef Lucas has a passion for Mexican and Japanese cuisine evident from his menus and he continually draws from the experience and diverse backgrounds of his strong team in the Fancy Crab’s kitchen.

Dinner at Fancy Crab was certainly a fancy affair. To start, we were offered a choice of Jersey Rocks or Morecambe Bay Oysters served on ice with house condiments to whet our appetite. The oysters are hand-selected are a really good size and are as fresh as they come. A great place for the virgin Oyster diner. A great combination of sweet and nutty flavours will delight your palate.

Crab Pastel consists of crab and cheese Filling in an Ink Cracker. The creamy flavour of the cheese works well with the delicate flavour of crab and the salty squid ink.

These King Crab Bon Bons are like no other. The generous crab meat hidden inside will delight all. The tomato marmalade is sweet and compliments the dish.

Looking for perfectly cooked seared scallops that are a generous size then look no further. Served with Cauliflower Puree and a Crust of Parsley Crumble these scallops flavour and texture are some of the best we have tried.

We highly recommend the Grilled Tiger Prawns With a Tamarind Glaze, Honey and Asian spices. The sweetness of the tamarind and honey glaze is locked into the prawn so you don’t miss out on the flavour the chef has intended.

Who could resist the Grilled Octopus With Balsamic Glaze. The butter-bean puree adds flavour without distracting from the textures of the Octopus.

The Singapore Chilli Crab is perfect for those who enjoy a little spice. This sweet and spicy dish highlights the delicate crab cooked with chilli, garlic, lime, spring onions and served with white rice.

If you want to try the a burger then the King Crab Burger comes highly recommended.  Easily the best burger l have tried to date. The crab meat is flavoursome the avocado creamy and Fancy Crab secret Sauce come together to produce a burger that will blow you away.

If you want delicious white crab meat brought to you from some of the worlds roughest oceans then look no further than King Crab Legs & Claws. There is a minimum order of 400g but this is easily one of the reasons you should visit Fancy Crab.

Once the waiter has opened the shell you can see how generous the meat offering is. The crabs weigh in around 4kg and it has been known for a single person to finish are you up to the challenge?!

We wait with anticipation as to what is revealed from the dry ice.

If you have room Fancy Crab also offers some fancy desserts the creme brulee stood out for us and came beautifully crisp with a creamy gem hidden away underneath the sugar coating.

Fancy Crab
92 Wigmore St, London W1U 3RD
0203 096 9484

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