The Grym Evo Jacket from Haglöfs is a tough and technical jacket. This 3-layer shell jacket boasts all of the features you need when you’re deep in the wildest bits of wilderness you can find. Ultrasonically welded seams used in its construction are protective and yet also flat, for less bulk. The stripped-back, toned-down design makes it long-lasting. ageless and truly versatile. And a RECCO® reflector makes this a trusty companion to any adventure.


Built with sustainability in mind. It’s perfect for trekking activities and features everything you’ll need for a trip deep into the wilderness.

The Grym Evo Jacket is a hard-wearing and highly protective 3-layer shell jacket, built from carefully selected sustainable materials. It’s made with Haglöfs’ own PROOFTM ECO technology – where recycled materials have been used to create a material that offers an outstanding level of weatherproofing. The jacket has been constructed with ultrasonically welded seams for a combination of optimal protection and high levels of comfort while trekking.

Robert Olsson, a Senior Clothing Designer at Haglöfs, explains: “Based on a stripped-back and toned-down design, the Grym Evo Jacket is ageless, truly versatile and long-lasting. The jacket features everything you’ll need when you’re trekking deep in the wildest bits of wilderness you can find, including a trackable RECCO® reflector. It’ll be a trusty companion on any adventure.”

Created & Recommended for Hiking, the Grym Evo Jacket is a walking talking example of sustainability and recycling. Haglöfs proudly identified as ‘Highly sustainable’ by creating gear with as little environmental impact as possible. ‘Fluorocarbon free’ as the jacket is completely free from fluorocarbons in its membrane and water repellent DWR (durable water repellent) treatment, helping the jacket shed water and dirt and help keep you dry and clean for longer, without causing unnecessary harm to the environment. In combination with its ‘PROOF tm ECO’ fabrics.  ‘Haglofs recycles’ means at least 50 percent of the product materials are recycled fibres which have been used to reduce the use of natural resources, save energy and water, resulting in less waste. They are a member of ‘fairwear.org’, for registration with the ‘fair wear foundation’, and soon to be a bluesign® approved product also. Making this jacket a very sustainable choice.

Founder Wiktor Haglöf was born and raised in the harsh Nordic climate. Haglöfs strive to make the outdoors a little more enjoyable and a little less tiresome, especially when the elements have turned against you.

The stylish fabric is a nice balance of durability and weight. The jacket works for you and keeps you comfortable, while you enjoy the many outdoor pursuits the outdoors has to offer. At the end of the outdoor pursuits, your life is made easy, with the easy to care for fabric which is machine washable and swift drying!

Our Testing Experience

Weight and Packability:

At 580g for a size large, this was not the lightest hardshell on the market, perhaps for some fast and light pursuits, there are lighter options. For a hard-wearing, well protecting, almost lifestyle like design, which can handle all the elements, from long-distance travel, deserts, safari, hiking, climbing, sand, rock, wind, rain, sea, cold, mountainous passes, adventure sports, and more, then casually walk into town in it like a summer jacket. The average weight of this jacket carries itself!

The jacket folded well and stored just fine like any other jacket. It didn’t scrunch down to a minimal size like some jackets do, however, easily packable and storable, you won’t notice it much in the bag when you’re out for the day until you need it.

Weather Protection:

The jacket has effective windproof, waterproof technology. I kept dry throughout my active adventures.

The DWR-treated surface meant that the fabric beaded off well, however, when direct contact with wet objects, the outer fabric can wet out a little. This didn’t seem to affect its protection capacity.

This was the go-to jacket for the safari, worn whenever the wind picked up, the sun came down too hard, the cold started to catch, the mists became heavy, the dust and sand stung, the sea splashed high. What a necessary piece.

The hood had multiple adjustment abilities. This includes three pull – cord adjustment points, came from one in the back, and two in the front. Allowing for full head and neck protection.

The front zipper was watertight, and allowed full jacket containment, with full torso protection.

The waistline and sleeve length meant you are always protected, even when bent over and caring for the fire and dinner.


Along with a nice fitting cut, the jacket was very comfortable.

Initially, the fabric felt formed and stiffer like a well-starched summer jacket. Over time the fabric became more mobile, soft and malleable.

As someone with a beard, I very much appreciated the beard guard at the top of the main zipper for a touch more comfort.

The Grym EVO jacket was a very comfortable piece. The well-fitting arm length, and low hanging back and body of the jacket, help for general outdoor pursuits, wind protection and harsh environment cover.

A large part of comfort is the enjoyment of wearing it. This includes the sounds it makes and the feel of use. The jacket makes a limited amount of noise, which softened further as wear increased and didn’t affect the enjoyment or quiet animal observation. Wearing the jacket allowed me to stay quiet and move noise-free when observing skittish animals.

Mobility and Fit:

Wearing the Grym Evo Jacket, I am 6’2″ and 13 stone, with fairly broad shoulders, and slender waistline (when not enjoying too many amazing restaurant reviews). The fit of the large was a standard fit design, which allowed me to move comfortably, without any pull or restriction under the arm or around the back. the articulated sleeves aided this also. They were able to wear the jacket while driving open-roofed vehicles and clambering over vehicles, setting up tents, and campsites. Reaching overhead and similar.

The snap pocket design means you can put more in the pockets, like a torch and materials needed when out on safari, without feeling the pull throughout the jacket. While also even better, allowing very fast access to the items, and torch when needed.

The fit of the shoulders and back meant that you could easily wear a warmer layer underneath. Such as a down jacket for warmth in the cold frosty nights and mornings. The waist is a little baggy, however, this did allow for space of layering and not too restrictive.

The waistline cut is low, which means you can have a large pack on your back, and around your pelvis without any discomfort from a riding up jacket.

The large storm hood fits over a nice large down jacket hood and a thick wool hat.


When the temperatures got a little much in the jacket as the sun warmed the air, and/or the activity levels increased. The underarm zips opened, for maximum ventilation, letting in cooler air, letting out warmer air. Balancing out the issue swiftly.

The 3 layer fabric was limiting in relation to breathability in the expected ways a waterproof hard shell is. However, the diffusion method is used for the moisture to escape. This is where moisture trapped between the jacket and yourself, passes through the backer, membrane, and face fabric., to the outside. This occurs where the relative humidity inside the jacket is higher than the humidity outside of the jacket. Well, we were testing this jacket in Namibia, one of the driest deserts in the world. Meaning the outside of the jacket was crying out for water, and diffusion was efficient and effective.

When this was not at the rate I desired, the pit zips and the easy two slide sip system, with a waist snap button, meant that venting water vapour and moisture was not at all difficult.

Style: I reviewed the Dune coloured jacket. The colour is a good fit for the intended African adventure use. The look is good in the bush on walks. The colour scheme with the simple once colour outer fabric works very well.

The style and looks of this jacket are of the great standards seen with Haglöfs. Haglöfs as always kept the style of the jacket sleek and minimalist, this works well. Haglöfs design and style teams are great at making their items look better than many of the normal outdoor offerings.

The ultrasonically welded seams used in its construction are protective and yet also flat, for less bulk. This makes the jacket have a slimmer profile, however, creates very visible flat welded seams. The stripped-back, toned-down design makes it long-lasting, ageless and truly versatile. We have to agree that this is a great design.

The style in Dune easily fits like a modern take on the safari jacket. When the heavy slow dry and often less wind resistant cotton safari jackets are beginning to age. Haglofs have stepped in with a nicely balanced mix of style and function. The jacket reminded me of high-end fashion brands takes of a safari jacket they once owned. The colour fits in the safari setting, and any part of the African continent setting. The black version of this jacket will fit into any high street, travel destination, or mountain trail.

The minimalism and clean lines Haglofs managed to produce are very appreciated, as you are stylish and protected from the elements. A cornerstone of my African adventure pack list.

The dull tone style of the jacket, the clean lines of the 3-layer 100% recycled Polyamide seam-sealed fabrics, seam taped, and a crisp clean looks. Using a big-square ripstop weave face, which was a nice dull finish. Meaning that it does not look like a shiny technical jacket, but a more fashion-conscious dulled surface jacket.  It would make it hard to look dirty or ill-kept in this jacket. It’s just too smart and clean cut.

Features: Developed with rugged outdoors in mind, this jacket is suitable for most things and a little more. The Two storm hand pockets with snap buttons are large and very easy accessible pockets, which allow for quick access, and easy storage of items in the pockets. Such as fast access to a torch in a safari adventure.

The pockets are easy to open and close, and store items. They are not secure like a zipper system, instead, are fastened with a snap button fastening. This makes the jacket look more safari and less technical, and allows for swift pocket access without the noise

When you are looking to have the jacket as more a casual item, an item for wearing or walking in during city stopovers between outdoor adventures, where you need good weather protection, you could perhaps continue using this jacket. I stopped over as a European city on the way home from testing, and wore the jacket over a crisp white shirt, with smart trousers and shoes, as a waterproof city rain jacket.

The offering of a 3-way adjustable hood was easily adjusted when on the go, to allow for protection from the elements, without loss of peripheral vision.

The underarm zips offer maximum ventilation, letting in cooler air, letting out warmer air, were found to be very useful, and even when wearing your camping gloves for durable camping activities, easily opened and closed.

The jacket comes with Velcro adjustable cuffs to keep the elements out, which worked nicely, remained secure, and are easily adjustable without effort, helping to form the perfect silhouette for looking good as the rest of the shell. Even better, they match the colour of the jacket, making them almost invisible at first glance.

A RECCO® Rescue System Reflector in the hood, for search-ability and improved safety, is always very appreciated. These RECCO reflectors require no power and no activation to function.

After use, a swift wipe down with a wet cloth was all that was needed and the jacket looks new and unused. So smart, it could be worn as an evening city jacket.

A word on sustainability, Haglofs uses recycled materials, Fluorocarbon free DWR. Haglofs is a member of the fair wear foundation, making it a sustainable choice.

This all means it is a great jacket for general use and travel, safari adventures, perfect for trekking activities and features everything you’ll need for a trip deep into the wilderness. It is a great jacket, providing only what is needed and nothing more.

Features, Components and Benefits

  • Fabric: 3-layer, PROOF TM ECO fabric. 100% recycled Polyamide, rugged, dull, big-square ripstop weave face, laminated to a microporous Polyurethane membrane and a tricot backer
  • 204 g/m², bluesign® approved Hydrostatic head: >15,000 mm; Moisture Permeability (inverted cup): >15,000 g/m²/24h
  • Treated with a fluorocarbon-free DWR to protect from water and dirt
  • 3-way adjustable hood with reinforced peak
  • Underarm pit zips with water repellent zippers for ventilation
  • Two storm hand pockets with snap buttons, and one zippered chest pocket
  • Articulated sleeves and a dropped rear hem with single-hand adjustment
  • Snap button to placket at bottom hem
  • Ultrasonic welding for smoother feeling​
  • Centre back length: 83 cm (men’s size L) and 74,5 cm (women’s size M)
  • Treated with a fluorocarbon-free DWR to protect from water and dirt
  • Ultrasonic-welded seams are flat with less bulk
  • 3-way adjustable hood with reinforced peak
  • RECCO® reflector in the brim
  • Underarm pit zips with water repellent zippers for ventilation
  • Two storm hand pockets with snap buttons, and one zippered chest pocket.
  • Articulated sleeves and a dropped rear hem with single-hand adjustment
  • Snap button to placket at bottom hem
  • Centre back length 83 cm (men’s size L)
  • 580g (size L)
  • Comes in Dune, True Black, and Desert Yellow.
  • Underarm Zips for maximum ventilation, letting in cooler air, letting out warmer air
  • Velcro adjustable cuffs to keep the elements out.
  • DWR-treated surface
  • RECCO® Rescue System Reflector for searchability and improved safety

The Grym Evo Jacket by Haglöfs is stylish and a modern technical jacket. The applications of this multi-use jacket include travel, rainy city breaks, safari, wind-breaking use climbing and using open-top vehicles, outdoor walking, mountainous trekking, hard days out, and all climate uses, including any Back Country and Outdoor pursuits. The Grym EVO is a well designed hard shell, with great weather protection and fits in the safari environment perfectly. What wonderful safari armour!

The Haglöfs Grym Evo Jacket Men is £310 available from www.haglofs.com

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