Holistic Relief vs Pharmaceuticals: Why Medical Solutions Aren’t Always the Only Option

By Celine Ivari, Founder of WholyMe.

We’ve all grown up in a world obsessed with medicating our pain, no matter how naturally manageable it may be. If we spend all day at a desk, exercise in excess, or get a headache after watching too much TV, our instinctive reaction is to rummage in the medicine cabinet and see what’s on offer.

Nowadays, society is too quick to resort to medical solutions for all sorts of aches and pains. But what most people don’t realise is that these aches and pains are our bodies’ natural alarm systems, asking us to pay attention. Holistic healing is, by definition, an approach to medicine through which we consider the body as a whole. It encourages solutions that offer natural, long-term relief. For lifestyle-induced issues, rather than quick, pharmaceutical pain relief we should all be turning to holistic remedies.

This is what we embody at WholyMe. We encourage people to listen to their bodies, empowering them to use evidence-based holistic remedies for lifestyle-related aches and pains.

Pain-Killing Drugs Shouldn’t Be a Casual Solution

It’s interesting to consider why we’re so quick to jump to pharmaceuticals to cure our problems. In recent years, it’s become popular — and even trendy — to care about our health and wellbeing. So why is it that we’re still popping pills to cope with our bodies’ pains and anxieties?

It’s ingrained into our culture to head down to the nearest pharmacy or accept prescriptions, all to find the strongest meds we can get. But, more often than not, people use drugs like paracetamol and codeine to treat issues that could be dealt with holistically. If it isn’t a medical problem, why are you taking a medical solution to deal with it?

Side Effects of Pharmaceutical Medical Solutions

Many over-the-counter painkillers have a range of potential long and short-term effects on the body, and aren’t as harmless as they might seem. Prolonged periods of paracetamol use, for example, can cause irreversible damage to the liver. Of course, if you have been prescribed a drug by a doctor, that’s a different story. The issue lies with people turning to readily-accessible pharmaceuticals to deal with issues that could be fixed by a lifestyle change.

When a perfectly good alternative can be found in holistic remedies, it begs the question – in a new, health-conscious society, why are we still so quick to resort to over-the-counter drugs?

How Holistic Relief is Revolutionising Our Approach to Health

Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the body as whole, made up of mind, body and spirit. It’s not just about medicating with herbal relief, but understanding how our behaviours and our lifestyles are related to our pains, and how we can work to soothe them naturally.
Holistic Remedies Reduce the Need for Unnecessary Medical Solutions

With a holistic approach, people can stop relying on quick-fix pill bottles for lifestyle-related ailments, and embrace holistic remedies that actually work. This is how to naturally achieve peak physical and mental wellness.

At WholyMe, we harness the power of nature’s ability to heal and soothe, using a range of organic ingredients that can relieve pain and subdue anxiety.

Anxiety Can Be Reduced by Holistic Remedies

The recent surge in popularity of CBD oil has proven that people are starting to embrace natural remedies to combat feelings of anxiety and stress. And while CBD is a fantastic holistic solution for these mental ailments, there’s also a whole host of other natural ingredients that can calm the mind. Essential oils like eucalyptus, helichrysum, and juniper are all backed by science for their calming, clarifying and revitalising effects on the mind.

Target Muscle and Joint Pain the Natural Way With Holistic Products

While most people are already aware of the mentally soothing properties of essential oils, their ability to offer physical pain relief might come as a surprise. Our relief balm is formulated with 12 evidence-based ingredients, some of which have been used in natural healing for millennia. Ingredients like frankincense, arnica, and wintergreen are renowned for their abilities to soothe tender muscles and aid relaxation, making them perfect for athletes.

We’ve also used these same active ingredients in our relief salts, which can provide a wonderful sense of wellbeing when infused into your daily routine. Nothing beats a warm soak after a long day, and that sense of feel-good and recovery can be strengthened by science-backed holistic remedies and essential oils.

For us, wellness is all about finding natural ways to aid our body as a whole, rather than jumping to over-the-counter drugs for a quick fix. I truly believe that we’re better off when we create a lifestyle that works for our bodies. When we inevitably experience lifestyle-related aches and pains, we should adopt a holistic approach, and look toward remedies that make us feel better in the long run.

About the expert

Founder of WholyMe, Celine Ivari is a natural-born entrepreneur, who has impressively launched two businesses by the age of 28. While she’s currently based in London, Celine has a diverse background, from her Iranian heritage and birthplace in France.

Celine Ivari – Founder of WholyMe

Celine has an extensive scientific background, having studied Human Biology at Queen Mary University in London, and Genetics of Human Disease at UCL. Celine developed the brand, WholyMe, containing three core products to help target, soothe and recover the body, naturally. WholyMe is on a mission to transform the approach to health and help people discover the power of holistic health. WholyMe combines its knowledge of science and the power of nature to bring people the healthiest most effective remedies. Learn more at wholyme.com

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