How to find your voice to make real impact

By Dani Wallace – international speaker and speaker coach.

Speaking is absolutely key to growing your business, how on earth are people going to know about what you do if you don’t talk about it?! Closed mouths don’t get fed, y’all!

Public Speaking is the number one fear in the world! WHAT?! If you don’t get to grips with being able to speak your message, you’re leaving money on the table and a whole raft of your ideal clients without your help.

Dani Wallace – international speaker

When I first started out, I felt ALL the feels when I spoke in public. You know the ones…the sweaty hands, the dry mouth, the needing to wee even though your bladder’s empty from the 10 nervous wees you’ve already had…that God-awful imposter feeling…mind going blank…besides, who the hell are YOU to be stood up in front of anyone telling them anything?? ALL OF IT.

Now, with 20 years’ experience on stage, over a decade in the corporate training room, sell-out speaking events and speaking engagements up and down the country, it’s safe to say your girl now knows a thing (or 10) about what it takes to take to the stage, share stories and get across important information.

I like to use an analogy of driving to help my clients start to consider what to use their voice for and how to use it. Imagine you are the driver of a vehicle and that vehicle is your message. You get to choose where you drive to and who to pick up and welcome onto your vehicle as you are driving. Imagine the impact you want to make in the world is your destination. What you say and how you say it is so important as it will allow and assist people to make the choice to jump aboard.

It is helpful to remember the following:

  1. There is someone out there who NEEDS to hear your story. You have a gift, who are you not to give it?
  2. Use a structure so you don’t lose track. Connect with your story at the beginning and then share value/information to help your audience. Finish with a call to action so the audience know what to do next.
  3. Have a clear outcome for what you are saying in mind. It’s pointless being in a vehicle if you don’t know where you’re driving.
  4. Your experience could well be someone else’s survival guide, don’t be afraid to be a little vulnerable.
  5. Don’t seek to be perfect. We put too much pressure on ourselves to show up in perfection. People actually connect more easily with us when we share ourselves, flaws and all. Mistakes are ok and a great leveller.

About the expert

Dani Wallace is an international speaker and speaker coach, as well as a professional singer and the fearless leader of the I Am The Queen Bee Movement helping women across the world Show Up, Wise Up and Rise Up!

Former serial self-saboteur, having grown up on the council estates of Preston, Dani has survived the adversity of domestic violence, homelessness and single parenthood to become a leading voice in empowerment and has quickly become one of the most exciting motivational speakers to hit the UK stage in a long time!

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in business, from presenting and eventing to leadership and management training, Dani uses her knowledge of both traditional employment in the corporate sector and self-employment in the entertainment industry to deliver memorable, inspirational and thought-provoking talks in her own unique and distinctive style bringing truth, humour and a ton of practical advice.

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