The Power of Routine with JOHNSON’S® Baby

We asked JOHNSON’S® skincare expert, Rebecca Bennett, to offer some practical tips to help your baby get to sleep

The gentle power of routine is key in establishing a healthy sleep habit for baby. Though it would be great to start a routine from the time baby is born, it’s not until around three months old that you can begin to establish a pattern when it comes to bedtime.

A familiar bedtime routine can help to regulate your baby’s body clock and help them to establish a sleeping pattern. Your baby will be more relaxed if they know what’s coming next, and the more relaxed they are, the more likely it is that they’ll go to bed easily and fall asleep quickly.

This gentle routine can start with a calming bath time. When babies sleep better, parents sleep better too!

Here are a few top tips for a better bedtime routine and sleepy baby…

A warm bath is more effective than a cool bath

Before bedtime, a warm bath will help to make a difference in body temperature, temporarily increasing it and then encouraging a larger drop in temperature, encouraging the release of the sleep hormone melatonin.

A vest is better than bare skin

Swap your baby’s sleeping bag and bedding for a lightweight sheet to help them stay cool at night and use a natural and breathable fabric. Also pop your baby to bed in a short sleeve vest, rather than just a nappy or bare skin. The thin layer of clothing will help regulate their body temperature.

Blackout blinds

Lighter evenings may confuse your baby’s natural circadian rhythm, making it harder to settle them at bedtime. Blackout blinds will help to create a consistent sleep pattern, just make sure to invest in cordless blackout blinds.

Stick to the same routine

Your baby will be more relaxed if they know what’s coming next, so it’s a good idea to establish the routine as soon as possible. Follow a set pattern every night to help your little one feel settled each evening, using elements such as bath time; baby massage; nappy change; lights out and a story or lullaby.

JOHNSON’S® three-step Bedtime® routine

Keep nighttime baby care calm and cosy with JOHNSON’S® three-step Bedtime® routine. It’s the first and only bedtime routine clinically proven to help babies and toddlers 7 to 36 months sleep better in just one week.

Step 1: Warm Bath
Bath time is the perfect way to start your baby’s pre-bed routine. Use a baby wash with an enjoyable and familiar scent, such as JOHNSON’S® Bedtime® bath.

Step 2: Gentle Massage
A soothing baby massage is a wonderful way to make your little one feel secure, loved and ready for sleep. Massage can also help you recognise and respond to your baby’s body language and it’s a great way to make your little one feel safe and secure. Use a baby lotion with a relaxing scent to soothe them before bed.

Step 3 – Quiet Time
It’s time to send them off to sleep with a little quiet time. Make sure you keep the atmosphere calm and cozy. Help your baby wind down further by reading, singing or playing a lullaby.


About the expert

Rebecca Bennett is the respected skincare expert for Johnson & Johnson in the UK. For more than 20 years, Rebecca has worked closely with the Johnson & Johnson Research and Development team, to immerse herself in the scientific background of skincare products – the how and why are they are developed.

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