Lose Up to 22lbs in 30 Days With Norvia Weight Loss VLCD

Norvia Nutrition, the plant-based protein brand from Norway launched its unique total nutrition powder shakes to the UK market at the end of 2018. Backed by 30 years of meticulous medical research and proud to be the most successful weight loss brand in Scandinavia, Norvia Nutrition kindly sent SLOAN! a 4-week supply of Norvia Weight Loss (VLCD) for us to try out. We’ll go into the results of our product trial in a moment but first let’s find out more about this market-leading Norwegian brand.

The ongoing trend in the Scandinavia lifestyle has been illustrated through the increasing global popularity of hygge – a new and exceedingly trendy Nordic term to describe maintaining a mindful and simplistic lifestyle. As a result, it only makes sense that Norvia reflects this way of life and does so through promoting a holistic approach to health and fitness.

Founder and chairman, Dr Lars Høie MD PhD, established Norvia using only natural ingredients to create protein-rich formulas that have proven to be the most weight-reducing and lifestyle-enhancing products throughout Scandinavia. Over the last three decades, Dr. Høie has worked with medical opinion leaders at University Hospitals in Europe and the U.S., resulting in 32 internationally published studies. Dr. Høie received his PhD in protein and lipid research from Oslo University in 2011 and is currently working on his second PhD related to cardiovascular health and very low-calorie treatment of overweight and obesity.

Dr Lars Høie MD PhD

A family history of cardiovascular disorders and an early diagnosis of high cholesterol at a young age inspired Dr Høie’s dedication to holistic disease prevention. He became committed to using only all-natural ingredients to find nutritional solutions for health problems caused by poor diets and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Dr Lars Høie MD PhD comments: “We are very excited to be introducing Norvia Nutrition to the UK following its success in Scandinavia. Having spent 30 years developing and researching natural products which could prevent lifestyle disorders, I co-founded the Centre for Heart Medicine where I treated hundreds of patients using a natural plant-based formula which I had developed from my extensive research.”

Now available to health-conscious Brits, Norvia’s innovative products combine naturally extracted soy protein, soy fibre, and soy phospholipids to create a synergistic effect that doubles the cholesterol lowering effect of soy protein alone.

Both velvety powders are rich in vital macro and micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. They also contain sugars from fructose that extensive research has proven to be essential in preserving lean body mass during healthy weight reduction and exercise to ultimately produce maintainable results.

Dr Lars Høie MD PhD continues: “In addition to significant weight loss, the patients at the centre achieved normalised blood sugar and cholesterol levels, while also lowering other cardiovascular risk factors. These formulations have been the most successful weight reduction products in Scandinavia, which is why I founded Norvia Nutrition, to make this available to anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle.”

The nutritionally complete Norvia Weight Loss (VLCD) shakes need only be mixed with water to create deliciously silky and filling drinks in a choice of two Scandi sounding flavours: Arctic Chocolate or Ice Vanilla. They are conveniently packaged in practical individual sachets, preventing oxidation and mycobacterial growth whilst preserving the potency of the vegetarian-friendly, non-GMO and gluten/dairy-free ingredients. The portable sachets mix easily with water and can be taken anywhere so perfect for those on the go.

Norvia Weight Loss shakes can be used for rapid weight loss or integrated into a balanced diet as part of a longer-term healthy lifestyle. They are proven to preserve muscle mass during weight loss and provide sustained energy through essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. We loved that the shakes were both plant-based and palatable which isn’t something you often get with plant-based shakes.

Taken five times a day, the shakes provide all the essential nutrients that the body needs each day. Norvia’s formula is high in protein and fibre which increases the satiety feeling. Our reviewers found that they were not hungry for at least 3 hours after drinking each shake even though each meal is just 140 kcal. We used Norvia VLCD as a sole source of nutrition, providing our reviewers with 700 kcal per day which resulted in significant weight loss, increased energy levels and a greater feeling of health and wellbeing. Our first reviewer lost 22 lbs after 4 weeks and our second reviewer lost an equally impressive 20 lbs after 28 days. In addition to tasting great and working so effectively we also liked the stainless steel bottle that comes with your order from Norvia – much more stylish than the ubiquitous plastic shakers that proliferate the health & fitness market.

Norvia Weight Loss is proven to be very safe, using only natural, plant based and non-GMO ingredients and contains no artificial sweeteners or additives. It is vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free. The specially developed natural daily nutritional formula is based on a number of clinical studies on VLCDs (Very Low Calorie Diets) that have shown the ingredients and its formulation can contribute to improved cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol, improved blood pressure, and a reduction of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. A study in the Lancet 2016 showed reduced risk factors for type-2 diabetes in people who implemented a VLCD while taking a similar formulation as Norvia each day.

The success behind Norvia Weight Loss lies with its unique formula containing specialised isolated soy proteins. Soy protein is the only plant protein which contains all amino acids in sufficient amounts to be comparable to animal protein. Soy protein is also unique since it contains high levels of the amino acid arginine, which releases Nitric Oxide which dilates blood vessels increasing blood flow to provide more oxygen and nutrients to all organs and tissues. Isoflavones from soy protein found in Norvia Weight Loss also release Nitric Oxide to provide strong anti-inflammatory effects, which is very important since inflammation is involved in all diseases.

Soy protein has uniquely been provided a health claim by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S., stating that the intake of 25g of soy protein per day significantly reduces low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high cholesterol and may protect against coronary artery disease (atherosclerosis). Norvia contains a blend of soy proteins, soy fibres and plant phospholipids, which have proven to double the cholesterol-lowering effect compared to soy protein alone.

Norvia Weight Loss is an ideal product not just for those looking to lose a considerable amount of weight for health reasons but can also be used by those wanting to shed a few pounds before an important event or pre-holiday and as a way to control calories for those who want to maintain their weight thanks to the different phases recommended by Norvia from the Attack Phase of five shakes a day (approx. one every 3 hours) replacing all meals to the Maintenance Phase of 1-2 shakes a day plus two low-calorie meals. All phases recommend healthy snacking on unlimited low-calorie vegetables in addition to consuming at least two litres of water and low-calorie beverages like black coffee and diet sodas.

Norvia Weight Loss costs €34.95 for 14 portions and is available from www.norvia.com

Norvia Nutrition is featured in the Spring Issue of SLOAN! Magazine coming out later this month.

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