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Shake That Weight provides those with a BMI of over 25 with a simple and effective way of losing weight. Their diet plans have been proven to offer a more effective and rapid form of weight loss than traditional dieting methods. Suitable for men and women, customers can choose between two different diet plans. What’s great is that they have kept it simple for the user but packed it with the science behind the scenes.

Option 1:

The first involves consuming 3 Shake That Weight products per day, plus a healthy 400kcal meal, which will usually consist of protein such as chicken or fish along with some fresh vegetables. This is great for those who want to have a little variety and prefer to be less strict with themselves. It helps for those who are new to dieting or perhaps are thinking of doing the diet more long term and want to choose a diet they know they will stick to and not give up after day 5. As with many diets, the first stage is the hardest and this diet plan gives you a gentle way forward over option 2.

Option 2:

The second diet plan is a Total Food Replacement diet and involves consuming an extra product a day in place of a meal. This plan is more suitable for those who want a stricter plan, with calorie intake limited to 600 calories per day. This is perfect for those who have tremendous willpower, want fast results, have a deadline or just want to give themselves a fast start.

On both plans, it’s essential to drink plenty of water, with around 3 litres per day the recommended amount. This is often the easiest thing to forget. I suggest downloading an app on your phone that reminds you to drink water. There are apps that encourage at least 8 glasses a day, but remember 3 litres is more like 12. The reason to drink so much water is that not only does it have super health benefits, it also helps you lose weight by filling you up. You can live much longer without food than you can without water so hydrate hydrate hydrate. Water is an essential part of all body functions and processes, the ones relevant to weight loss include digestion and elimination. A trick I used was jazzing up my water glass, bringing a touch of pizazz to what can often seem boring. For those who really don’t like the taste of water, I know a lot of people have suggested they prefer coffee, tea and soft drinks, I would say be strict on sticking to water and only branch out towards vitamin waters, or very weak squashes if you are craving flavour. For me I have been hooked on Skinny Water for the days I want a little more flavour – the pomegranate is my favourite but any water will do! It’s worth putting down that old fashioned or negroni for the fantastic weight loss results you can have if you follow the plan. I lost over a stone in one month.

Available products from Shake That Weight include diet shakes, soups, noodles, porridge, snack bars, and much more, all of which have been created to be high in protein yet low in fat, carbs and calories. Following the diet plans aim to give you 100% of your daily required intake of essential vitamins and minerals. for those not good at planning their diet to lose weight. The above products enable you to have a high protein yet low-calorie diet and still have a healthy meal in the evening.

Shake That Weight’s meal replacement shakes, unlike standard whey protein shakes, are also made with calcium casein protein. This protein is proven to digest slowly over the course of around four hours, reducing the onset of hunger pangs, an issue many people struggle with when they use similar diet plans. I found my hunger pangs were well managed after the first few days of getting used to the diet however I would suggest choosing the flavours carefully. There were some I absolutely adored and some I had wished that I had not ordered and chosen another flavour. They don’t swap items which in one way is a pain but there again would you want to eat food that someone else had sent back probably not, so I think their decision is a wise one. The onus, therefore, stays on you to choose wisely the first time. This is obviously personal preference but I do highly recommend the Strawberry which had dehydrated bits of berry inside, and personally, I was not a fan of gingerbread but it did remind me of Christmas which was rather comforting.

There has been extensive research over recent years regarding Very Low Calorie and ketogenic diets. For example, research has shown that ketogenic diets can help slow the effects of ageing, while low-calorie diets consisting of shakes and soups have even been able to help people reverse type 2 diabetes. My favourite part of the diet was the snack bars, the downfall is they taste so good you have to know when to say no. I would say the bars can be quite filling but you have to give it a good 15 minutes for your brain to catch up and remind you that you are full. They are great to put in your manbag, for a commute or just before a meeting. For those without nut allergies choose the peanut bars all the way!  For me, if I was attending a party which had canapes, I would eat a bar beforehand to fill me up and then it would be much easier to say no to the tasty morsels passing me by. There was a day or two that I did break but it did not affect my results too much and I was very happy with my weight loss.

In respect of the other food, the porridge was slightly bland if chosen in original but fabulous in chocolate. The meals were smaller than I expected but actually surprisingly filling. For the concept of the fact that the meals are microwaveable, I was pleasantly happy with the chicken meals, the quantity is not as much as when not dieting but actually very generous in my opinion for those on a diet. My favourite meal was the sweet and sour chicken, and my least favourite was the pasta carbonara. I have been told this is the least ordered dish. The pasta dishes supplied do not compare in terms of taste and filling you up to meals such as the chicken. I am sure there are people who love them, but for someone like me who wants to feel satiated, I would choose a more meaty meal. Another good choice is the Chicken Ratatouille.

Although this was a strict plan limited to 600 calories per day, I enjoyed the simplicity of the diet and liked most of the meal replacement products. In total, I lost 21 pounds after 4 weeks.

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