mega888 SLOAN! Book Club: Young Learners

SLOAN! Book Club: Young Learners

Here are Mini Sloan’s top picks of books which help children learn about the world around them and also learn to love reading for themselves.

Invertebrates are Cool! by Nicola Davies & Abbie Cameron

Award-winning children’s author and zoologist Nicola Davies presents key facts about some of the world’s most infamous invertebrates in a simple and easy-to-understand rhyming text. Accompanied by fun, colourful but accurately detailed illustrations of the creatures by Abbie Cameron, this text is perfect for introducing children aged 3-7 to the variety of wildlife.

This is the fifth book in the Animal Surprises series which encourages children to engage with the natural world around them and find out about other species that live further afield.

£7.99 published by Graffeg

The Pancake Champ – Joanna Nadin & Ana Gómez

Manjit is going to his new friend Leon’s house for tea. There’s lots to be worried about… What if they have a scary dog? What if Leon’s dad is a dragon? But worst of all, what if they’re having pancakes for tea!

This relatable comedy about new friendships from prolific children’s writer Joanna Nadin is perfect for Key Stage 1 (KS1) children who are learning to read by themselves. It features lively colour illustrations by Ana Gómez and a storyline that encourages picky eaters to try new foods. This is a turquoise book band from the Bloomsbury Young Readers collection that’s ideal for 6 to 7 year-olds learning to read at Oxford Level 7. The book contains approximately 750 words.

£5.99 published by Bloomsbury Education

The Snotty Dribbler – Effua Gleed & Kamala Nair

Blay thinks being an older brother is so uncool. He finds his baby sister Bethany boring, annoying, and very snotty. But when Bethany is taken to hospital one night, Blay starts to worry. Maybe he does care about Bethany just a little bit…

This family tale from storyteller Effua Gleed is perfect for Key Stage 1 (KS1) children who are learning to read by themselves. It features colour illustrations by Kamala Nair and a heartfelt sibling relationship that Mini Sloan like in the case of many children was able to relate to. This is a white book band from the Bloomsbury Young Readers collection that’s ideal for 6 to 7 year-olds learning to read at Oxford Level 10. The book contains approximately 1500 words.

£5.99 published by Bloomsbury Education

First Questions & Answers: Where Does My Food Go? by Katie Daynes & Daniel Taylor

From what happens when you swallow to why poo is brown, this enlightening book takes a rumbling, gurgling trip through the digestive system, meeting helpful juices, blood cells, vitamins and minerals along the way.

This lift-the-flap book helped Mini Sloan to discover the different stages of digestion, the various roles that the teeth, tongue, liver and pancreas play, and how different foods help the body to function. This is a highly recommended book to introduce young children to human biology.

£9.99 published by Usborne

Very First Questions & Answers: What’s Inside Me? by Katie Daynes & Marta Álvarez Miguéns

What gives me shape? How do I move? What’s blood for? And where does my food go? These are questions that grown-ups will face from their little ones as they grow up and these questions and more are expertly tackled in this informative lift-the-flap book written by Katie Daynes with fun illustrations by Marta Álvarez Miguéns.

Mini Sloan loved taking a peek inside the human body and discovering what was really going on with help from a characterful cast of body parts.

£7.99 published by Usborne

My Family and Other Families by Richard & Lewis Edwards-Middleton and Andy Passchier

A book for every family, this story gently shows children that it’s wonderfully normal for every family to be different and the things that set us apart can bring us closer. Mini Sloan enjoyed this fun and engaging story which has plenty of re-read potential.

Featuring bold, colourful illustrations and an inspiring message that all families are equal and are unique in their own way, toddlers and young children will love reading along and engaging in this sweet story that celebrates all different types of families with a clear message of diversity, difference and acceptance.

£6.99 published by DK

DKfindout! Animals

DKfindout! Animals teaches children everything they would want to know about the animal kingdom. With beautiful photography, lively illustrations, and key curriculum information, the DKfindout! series will satisfy any child who is eager to learn and acquire facts – and keep them coming back for more!

Perfect for young animal lovers like Mini Sloan, DKfindout! Animals is packed with up-to-date information, fun quizzes and incredible images of all their favourite creatures, from mammals to reptiles. From what makes up a bird and how animals use camouflage to hide, to which animal spends the longest time in bed, DKfindout! Animals will surprise and delight young readers.

£7.99 published by DK

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