How to Attract High Ticket Leads

Multi-award-winning sales coach, entrepreneur and bestselling author Jane Baker shares three ways to attract high ticket leads.

I love how connected our world is because it has allowed me to run my business remotely from somewhere beautiful. But the connected world is also noisy and there is a lot of competition. It amazes me how very often when people aren’t attracting the leads they want, they fly off into a panic and start to completely re-strategise. I’ve found more often than not that the answer to appealing to high-end leads is simpler than going all the way back to the drawing board.

1. Stand Out From the Crowd

People always think it’s about size – the size of your audience, your social media reach etc., when wanting to be noticed. But is a wide reach going to convert into high-end sales? You may just end up becoming part of the noise – so I say do the opposite and niche yourself down. Don’t profess to be for everyone! Stick your flag firmly in the ground and say ‘I am specialised’.

Niche-ing down can be a little bit intimidating but it’s the surest (and fastest) way to stand out. I’ve had clients tell me, ‘Oh my God, if I do this then I’ll lose out on all these sales’, but the reality is you were probably going to miss out on all those sales anyway. You’re going to find more quality leads by offering a niched down premium product than you are by being generic and trying to appeal to everyone.

2. Showcase the Value

As well as positioning being an issue, being able to demonstrate the real value of a high-end service or product is vital for business owners. I’ve seen pitches where everything and the kitchen sink are thrown into a package in order to get a yes from a potential client. All this really does is make them lose sight of what’s really on offer.

Appealing to a direct want or need is the most important part of being attractive to a prospective high-ticket lead. Lots of extra details just pull their focus away from what made you stand out to them in the first place! Showcasing the result means they’ll be more likely to see you as their answer, and leaving the other bits for now means they can be icing on the cake later.

3. Learn to Let Go

If you’re new to high-end selling, you’ll likely find yourself needing to learn to let go. Don’t expect mass interest and turnover, especially when you’re starting out, as it’s not going to equate to success that’s sustainable. By managing your own expectations better you’ll have positioned yourself into a much more realistic space. Fewer leads for a premium service might mean less conversions, but by holding onto those ‘nos’, you’ll get locked into operating from a place of fear and rejection. Remember that if a prospective lead turned you down, they probably weren’t the right fit for you anyway! I tend to suggest that people imagine holding onto a past relationship in this way and they quickly see where I’m coming from.

There’s nothing like learning to let go, least of all when manoeuvring as an entrepreneur in 2020. For more information and top tips on how to get started as a high-end seller, visit

About the expert

Multi-award-winning sales coach, entrepreneur and bestselling author Jane Baker wants her clients to live limitlessly like she does. She currently lives in Lanzarote, Spain, and was listed as a top 100 UK female entrepreneur in 2019. Jane’s secret is she knows how to supercharge a business using actionable strategies and innovative ideas you won’t have thought of. With the knowledge she has acquired, she gives others the opportunity to take their business and income to new, previously unimagined heights. Her recent book, She Lives Limitlessly, takes readers behind the scenes of the steps she took to get her business off the ground, and how she went from making nothing to £40k a month in the space of just 30 days.

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