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15 Top Tips To Make Your Home Look & Feel Luxe

A luxe home is more than just elegant, it is a place you want to spend time in, to entertain and equally to relax in. Here are some top tips from Andrea Fawell, Sales & Marketing Director at Kebbell Homes, on how to make your home feel luxe.

Andrea Fawell is Sales and Marketing Director at Kebbell Homes

1. Decluttered, well organised rooms are relaxing and feel spacious and harmonious – all the elements of a luxe home. Customised furniture such as built in floor to ceiling bookshelves or wardrobes will not just create storage but will beautify and simplify and add a modern aesthetic.

2. Statement furniture gives a room flair and the impression that an interior designer has worked their magic in your home. From a design-led chair, extraordinary artwork, a gorgeous standalone bath tub or designer coat hooks, think unique and unusual to express yourself and get your guests talking!

3. It is all in the detail. Consider using different textures, materials, over or under exaggerated designs, bold or contrasting colours, or calming but clever neutrals.

4. Choose wall colours based on what you are trying to achieve. Opt for lighter colours or a plush shade of white if you want to make a room feel more spacious. For bigger rooms especially those with high ceilings, consider richer tones or appoint your room with a statement wall such as a deep blue or green. If you prefer neutral walls, colour can be added through soft furnishings, art and ornaments. Aim for consistency and quality. It’s inevitable that marks or cracks will appear over time, so freshen up the paint work annually.

5. Choose a large rug to make the room feel bigger and more expensive. Choose an earthy colour and thick textured rugs that you want to snuggle your toes in but do think carefully about this if you have young children or pets! Alternatively, if your wall colour palette is muted, then invest in a chic rug as the hero of your look.

6. Upgrade tired bedlinen. Luxury is about addressing all of the senses so opt for the highest thread count that you can for a soft and silken touch that means you can’t wait to go to bed each night. White bedlinen looks crisp and expensive and a gorgeous throw can be used to add colour and texture.

7. Make your bathroom a spa. Choose fluffy cotton bath, hand and face towels and a bathmat in a consistent colour scheme – neutrals always looks clean and fresh. Unclutter by investing in a cabinet to store all your bits and bobs if you don’t already have built in space. Match your toothbrush holder and soap dishes and add thoughtful touches such as hand lotion in a pretty bottle. House plants like orchids can thrive in a bathroom adding serenity to help whisk your imagination away to a faraway place whilst you soak in your bath.

8. Scented candles are a simple way to add a luxe element, not only for their aroma but because flickering candlelight is so alluring and calming.

9. Indoor plants add an exotic element to your home. Hanging plants from the ceiling can add height to a room and bringing a little bit of nature indoors not only looks good but could also improve the air quality in your home.

10. Climate control – get it right. Underfloor heating provides a consistent, comforting heat, and feels luxurious, especially in bathrooms after stepping out of the shower. By not having radiators all through the house, you can save space and make each room look more streamlined.

11. Move ornaments and decorative items around regularly. By changing ornaments, books on display, or even moving pictures, your home will feel refreshed for both you and your guests, adding points of interest and giving you a chance to show your creative flair.

12. Upgrade cushions and throws. Choose vintage or fashion-forward, plump cushions in deep, rich colours like mustard or teal, or give a pop of brightness with red or turquoise, or try a strong neutral perhaps with a touch of metallic. Add a thick woven blanket in a complimentary shade to your sofa so you will be extra cosy!

13. Window dressing is important so natural light can flood through the room. Aim for sophisticated windows by installing floor length curtains in thick, textured materials like velvet. Make sure the windows are regularly cleaned and cut back any overgrown bushes outside to maximise the light coming in.

14. Think about artwork. A large statement piece of art can be a colour or theme focal point in the house whilst making a statement about your personality. Make sure pictures are mounted in impressive frames. Do you have a coffee table that can display books? Choose a couple of interesting books with gorgeous photos as a different type of artwork.

15. Lighting and lampshades will change the ambience of a room. If it suits your home change bright white light bulbs for those that offer a softer, more natural light. Choose lampstands that are sleek with elegant, modest lampshades that maximise light as well as become an elegant, focal point of a room.

About the expert

Andrea Fawell joined Kebbell in 2011 as Sales and Marketing Manager and in 2018 she joined the board as Director.

Andrea is responsible for the sales and marketing of all of the company’s property developments including attracting purchasers and ensuring they have a smooth and stress-free journey from reservation to completion, as well as managing a team of highly experienced and well-trained sales negotiators. Making the most of today’s online digital marketing tools is also a key part of Andrea’s everyday role.

Andrea also works closely with Nick on the design, specification and build quality of Kebbell’s new homes, researching the latest features and trends appropriate for each site.

As well as being a wife and mother to two children, Andrea is a committed endurance athlete and her adventures have taken her to the Grand Canyon, Sahara Desert and the Arctic Circle to name but a few!

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